Loughborough Students Tribes

We know there is no such thing as the “average Loughborough Student” and that if we only aim to please the majority we won’t be doing our job properly.

We are working with a leading market research company to find clusters of Loughborough Students who share some important characteristics in terms of their needs, attitudes and behaviours. We aim to use the “tribes” to help us think about a broader range of students when we are planning what the Union does and how to let you know about it.

We have also developed 5 “Golden questions” which when combined with some things you might have signed up to with the Union and processed through a complex algorithm may indicate which tribe you most belong to. We can then use this to make sure our communication with you is targeted on the things you are most likely to be interested in and that we don’t just spam everything to everyone.

There are 5 tribes which we believe, to some extent, cover the entire student demographic. You may find that you relate to serveral of these, and the chances are you are made up of a mixture. What our system does it to assign you that tribe which is most like you. Have a look and see which one sounds right for you:

Party people

I like a big night out and I am also interested in getting involved with things like Sport, Rag and other activities particularly as part of a group e.g. from my Hall.

Leading lights

I love to get involved and I will often have an opinion on how things should be organised so I am not afraid to step up when it’s needed.

Conscientious Carers

I like people to know I care that things are done properly whether it’s in the Union, the University or wider society; this extends to being interested in good design and personal appearance.

Flow Goer

I am pretty easy going, I might get involved in things but I don’t particularly want to take on extra responsibilities right now. I might be interested in things that would make my life at University easier.

Academic Individualist

I have come to University for a degree and I am committed to my subject, so I am much more interested in things that will improve my course and career than a drink based social life.

Click here if you want to know more about how we came up with the tribes!

This is the sort of thing Google and Amazon do all the time in the background but we want to be more transparent about it so if you answer the "Golden Questions" when we have processed the results towards the end of each week we will let you know which tribe we think you most fit and we will ask you what you think.

After completing the questionaire you will be emailed the results, this may take a while as we are in the process of automating it. you may feel the result isn't the one you feel fits you best, so you will be given another opportunity to comment on these through a further survey

This is all quite cutting edge and experimental  for an organisation like ours but it is genuine attempt to make the Union serve all its members better  by tailoring and targeting what we do and not just be “one size fits all”.

Click here to find out which tribe you belong to!