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How can I get involved in media at Loughborough London?

Interested in writing for our Loughborough London newsletter? Want to learn about filming and video editing? Or fancy the opportunity to interview sports stars?

These are just a few ways we can help you to have great experiences in the world of media. We can provide training, equipment and contacts. 

2017/18 LSU London Media Projects 

Current projects being led by students include:

Humans of Loughborough London - photography and journalism project 

From students to business owners, we'll be exploring and showcasing the diversity of backgrounds, daily life and dreams of the people who make up Loughborough London and the local community.


LSU London Photogrpahy Team 

Be on hand to take photos at events on campus and in the community, exercising and improving your photography skills. Students' work will feature on Union social media and in the campus magazine.


Loughborough London Magazine

Providing information, discussion and reviews of what's happening on campus; written and assembled by students. Seeking both journalistic and creative content. 


London Lions Basketball Media Team 

Interview, game coverage and commentary opportunities available in a variety of mediums: film; radio; podcasts etc.


Comedy Sketch Shows

Student written sketches, filmed and recorded to be circulated on number of platforms, both visual and audio versions. Also a great opportunity for those wishing to perform/act, and showcase personal material. 


Media Skills Training

We'll be running a number of sessions to train students on unfamiliar equipment and software, including: Adobe services; camera skills; film editing; radio studio live broadcasting. 


LSU London Radio

Creating podcasts to be aired on our social media and Loughborough Campus Radio. Anything from academic debates to chat shows!


Innovation Legacy Podcasts

This series will target Entrepreneurs and inspirational people, in hope of extracting valuable positive information that will encourage replicating behaviour. Discovering useful resources will highlight the importance of particular pathways essential to success.


LSU London Media Production Team

No one specific thing you want to be invloved with? More interested in organising and motiving people? Become a producer! The other projects listed will call on you to snap them into action. 


LSU London Committee - Media Rep - Marco Concer (2017/18)

If you'd like to take a lead on overseeing these projects and discovering more media opportunities for Loughborough London students, run for committee rep! You can find more information on the Media Rep role, indluding responsibilities, here:


If any of these activites intrigue you, or you want to do something not mentioned above, please email your Activities Coordinator, Ella, at



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