Democracy - Have Your Say

The phrase we use is 'by the students, for the students'. Everything we do at LSU is driven by your wants and your needs so we are constantly looking at new ways of allowing you give your opinion on the running of the organisation. You may have received a few surveys from us and you are always welcome to email the Exec or pop into the office, but there are also specific groups and processes set up that allow you to have your say. Click on the headings below to find out more about how you can get involved:

Student Forum

Held at least five times throughout the year, Forum invites students to come along and give their thoughts on the Union. Here, the Exec will report their progress and strategies, and an ‘Open Space’ session is used for student discussions and the formulation of new ideas. Elected representatives from a variety of sections are then able to vote on new policies and approaches that they feel will benefit students.

Union Affairs Committee

Union Affairs Committee (UAC) is a team of fifteen elected students who together act as the regulatory and procedural body for the Union's activities. Any constitutional or policy changes must be approved by them and they are also responsible for ensuring that activities such as elections and disciplinary appeals run properly. The Executive Team are accountable to Union Affairs Committee, who sit just below the Board of Trustees in terms of decision-making power when it comes to matters of Union Governance.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for governing the affairs of the Union, but has a duty to consult and take full account of matters referred from the Student Forum as a student representative body whenever appropriate. It makes key decisions on the Union’s financial strategy, assets and delegations, as well as many other important aspects which affect students. It also monitors and directs the objectives and performance of staff members and ensures legal and regulatory compliance within the Union. There are seven positions available for students to run for in the Summer Term.


There are numerous online Union elections throughout the year, from department elections to the renowned Executive Elections. Make sure you take your opportunities to choose who represents you!