LSU Executive Officers

Representing You!

Hi, we're your LSU Exec for 2016-17!
The Executive Team are made up of thirteen former Loughborough students who have just graduated. We were elected in through a cross-campus ballot to represent the needs and wants of students. We work Monday-Friday from 10-5 and it is our job to make sure that you are being listened to and are having a good time. Four of us are Development Officers, and we've been elected in to work part-time on a voluntary basis alongside our studies.
Click on our individual positions to see what we all do and feel free to pop in and say hi!
For more information on the Executive at Loughborough please email, call 01509 635000 or visit the Executive Office upstairs in the Union Building.

To see the Executive Meeting Minutes for 2016-17 CLICK HERE
To see the Executive Meeting Minutes Archive CLICK HERE