Governance and Constitution

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LSU’s Constitution contains the set of governing rules and principle that the organisation must follow. It provides members, Executive Officers and staff with an operational framework to achieve objectives on the Union Strategic Plan. The Constitution basically describes how LSU works and how it makes decisions.



The main section of the Constitution is the Paragraphs. These are the overarching definitions of different sections and committees of the Union and they outline the aims of each. The Paragraphs take hierarchy over everything else and require approval from the Union Affairs Committee, Board of Trustees, University and constituent colleges before they can be changed.

Paragraphs of the Constitution - Current Version 8.3  - Download Here


Standing Orders and Schedules

The Schedules and Standing Orders form subsidiary parts of the Constitution and provide more details of different sections and processes within the Union. Generally, the Schedules outline the composition of different committees and activities and the Standing Orders prescribe the process of these activities. The Standing Orders and Schedules can be altered following a two-thirds majority at Union Affairs Committee and final approval from the Board of Trustees, but cannot supersede the Paragraphs.

Standing Orders - Current Version 8.3 - Download Here

Schedules - Current Version 8.3 - Download Here

Delegation of Powers

The Board of Trustees delegates its powers to officers, staff and other bodies.

This is detailed here.

Union Policies

The Students' Union have a series of policies that run in conjunction with the Union Constitution. These policies are required to be re-approved by Union Affairs Committee every three years and can be updated at any time in the interim period. The extensive list of Union Policies can be found in the table below.

Policy ID Policy Name Status Approved Review

Mass Emailing and Texting Policy


Health and Safety Transport Policy


Athletic Union Behavior Policy

407 Union Discipline Policy Approved     
408 Equality and Diversity Policy      
411 Associate Membership Policy Approved May 2018 May 2019

Ethical and Environmental  Policy