Board of Trustees



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The Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for governing the affairs of the Union, but has a duty to consult and take full account of matters referred from the Student Forum as a student representative body whenever appropriate. It makes key decisions on the Union’s financial strategy, assets and delegations, as well as many other important aspects which affect students. It also monitors and directs the objectives and performance of staff members and ensures legal and regulatory compliance within the Union. Look out for the chance to run for the Board of Trustees towards the end of the academic year!

Current Board Members


Andy Doyle

Lay members





Richard Taylor

University Chief Operating Officer

Rahul Mathasin

Union President

Olly Norman

VP: Affairs & Development.

Rory Pears

VP: Finance & Development.


Student Members (and others)

Fraser Barclay

Student Member

Conrad Noble

Student Member

Izzie Miller

Student Member

Sam Hanys

Student Member

Leo Yang

Student Member

Oren Flynn

Student Member

Keiron Morris

Student Member


Chair of U.A.C.




11 Sept 2018 - BT-191-M1

12 Jun 2018 - BT-183-M2

17 Apr 2018 - BT-183-M1

27 Feb 2018 - BT-182-M2

30 Jan 2018 - BT-182-M1

12 Dec 2017 - BT-181-M2

31 Oct 2017- BT-181-M1

20 June 2017 - BT-173-M2

9 May 2017 - BT-173-M1

7 March 2017 - BT-172-M2

17 January 2017 - BT-172-M1

29 November 2016 - BT-171-M2

25 October 2016 - BT-171-M1

26 January 2016 - BT-162-M1

8 December 2015 - BT-161-M2

20 October 2015 - BT-161-M1

24 June 2015 - BT-153-M2

19 May 2015 - BT-153-M1

24 March 2015 - BT-152-M2

14 January 2015 - BT-152-M1

11 November 2014 - BT-151-M1

24 June 2014 - BT-143-M2

20 May 2014 - BT-143-M1

15 March 2014 - BT-142-M2

15 January 2014 - BT-142-M1

6 November 2013 - BT-141-M1

15 July 2013 - BT-133-M2

4 June 2013 - BT-132-M3

5 March 2013 - BT-132-M2

22 January 2013 - BT-132-M1

4 December 2012 - BT-131-M2

16 October 2012 - BT-131-M1

19 July 2012 - BT-123-M3

26 June 2012 - BT-123-M2

17 April 2012 - BT-123-M1

22 February 2012 - BT-122-M1


Audited Accounts <--click to open web page


If you have any queries or want to contact the Board, please speak to your Union rep or email us.


Board Membership

The Board consists of the following members who meet at least five times a year:

i) Three officers of the Union Executive committee ex-officio:

a) President

b) one sabbatical officer selected by the Executive committee

c) the chair of Union Affairs Committee

ii) Four elected non-paid full members of the Union

iii) Three full members of the Union who may be paid (including members of the Executive)

iv) Three lay members elected by Union Affairs Committee for three years, one retiring each year. These should not have been full members of the union for at least three years.

v) The chief operating officer of the University or his/her nominee (agreed by the Board).

vi) The Union Director will normally be in attendance (but will not vote)

vii) The chair shall be elected by The Board from amongst the lay members and shall serve a term of two years and not more than two consecutive terms.