LSUVGS has a busy calendar of events running throughout the year! If you're considering joining the society and want more information, it is well worth attending one of the socials to speak to the current members and committee to find out more about what we do and how to get involved.
Alternatively, stay in tune for our Discord announcements, in order to find out what events we are running.

We run at least six LANs throughout the year :D Each LAN is a weekend-long gaming event complete with tournaments, board games, a quiz and a tuck shop. Easily our biggest events of the year, our LANs attract gamers of all disciplines and varieties to come and game with others. Our tournaments range from the popular (Dota 2, LoL, OW, CS:GO) to the obscure (EUIV). Iron LAN is the pinnacle, run at almost every LAN, with a series of single-player and multiplayer games to whittle down willing participants to find the Ultimate gamer.

One of our most popular events are the infamous LSUVGS Console Nights. The entire of Village Bar is booked out for our personal use - as we play games and drink the night away. A wide variety of consoles are available at console nights, some owned by the society and some borrowed from society members, from the old Mega Drive to current gen consoles such as the Switch and PS4, as well as obligatory Guitar Hero on the projector!

Every other week, we run Random Night Gaming, where members gather in the discord and play games together. We usually pick out a game to play, such as SCP or Minecraft. Weekly, we head on down to the Amber Rooms for our Meet N' Eat social.

We also run many other events, and in the past they have included; Megazone Laser Tag, National Videogame Arcade, Movie trips, boardgame nights, whiteboard socials and many others!


Head to our website at for more details or check our Discord !!

















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