LSU Video Game Society range from PC enthusiasts to console players. We are a society for gamers and nerds of all disciplines, and you're bound to find someone with the same interests as you.

We run weekend-long LANs once a month during term! We also host Console Nights, cinema nights and trips. We have weekly community games nights called RNG, where we gather on our Discord server and play games together, and Steak Night on Tuesdays at the local Wetherspoons, where we hang out and enjoy a meal together.

We host the largest student LAN parties in the UK, filling 48 hours across a weekend with gaming fun; from tournaments and creative competitions, a gaming 'pub' quiz! You can enjoy all this whilst munching on our tuck shop and enjoying the LAN atmosphere! For more LAN details check out our LAN site: https://lan.lsucs.org.uk/ We try and run tournaments to cater for all genres and levels, and are always open to suggestions :)

You can find us on Facebook in our group and on our page. Our forums can be found at www.lsuvgs.org.uk  Our Discord Server is a great way to chat to the other members, as well as a good place to join your friends in a voice channel while you play. We also have a Twitter to keep up to date with events! 

Interested in Esports? The NUEL (National Universities Esport League) run inter-university championships both semesters in LoL, Overwatch and CS:GO (and others!) If you're interested in competing with universities across the country, make sure to check out LSU Esports Society!


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If you have any questions  please email committee@lsucs.org.uk