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We will be holding meetings every Tuesday from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. Location TBC (via our Facebook page). Here are some of the sessions which we have planned over the next few weeks:

Oct 3rd -  Freedom of Speech and Right/Left violence
What place does freedom of speech have in society and how can we prevent extremist violence becoming a centrepiece of political discourse?

Oct 10th - Feminism and society (TBC)

Oct 17th - Capitalism, Socialism and mixed economies
How can the economic systems of capitalism, socialism work in tandem or on their own to promote economic prospertity from everyone? 

Oct 24th - Nuclear Armament, what can we do to make the world a safer place?
With the nuclear threats of North Korea, Iran and so forth, would nuclear disarmament actually make the world a better place? What policy should nations, united or not persue to maintain world peace?

Entry to all of our events is free and open to everyone, particularly during the weeks following Freshers’. 

If you enjoy our sessions, please consider investing £5 in a membership to help us to keep on doing what we do!


Who are we?


The society that thinks! Come along for lively discussion about topical and social issues that affect students and young people. We are a student-led think tank which aims to develop policy ideas that will lead to a better society, a strong economy and global equality. Our three areas of focus are:


- Social Policy

- Economic Policy

- Diplomacy & Current Affairs


Aims & Objectives

  • To create a stimulating environment where Loughborough’s brightest minds can come together and provide fresh perspectives and innovative solutions on society’s pressing issues
  • To provide a platform where our students can utilise the wide range of skills and knowledge they have acquired from their respective degrees and apply them in a practical setting
  • To produce tomorrow’s change makers both in the work place and beyond


Get involved in our society! - ALL STUDENTS ARE WELCOME TO JOIN

Conferences, Seminars & Debates:

  • We run events based on our three focus areas which from time to time will involve the participation of guest speakers and academics
  • These events support students in acquiring knowledge,  carrying out research and in developing opinions and thoughts

The Annual Review:

  • At the end of each academic year the Think Tank Society produces a review consisting of a number of reports written by our students
  • The reports come under the umbrellas of our three focus areas: social policy, economic policy, diplomacy & current affairs
  • The annual report serves as a culmination of all the research undertaken throughout the year

Social Media:

  • This year we want to use Twitter, blogging and YouTube to engage both the student population and general public in key discussion
  • Social media will also be used to document and show our progress during the academic year


Why should you join The Think Tank Society?

  • Increase your Employability Skills by taking part in research, organising events, networking, presentations and debates
  • Meet like minded people and have fun!
  • Engage in stimulating conversation
  • Voice your opinions at this university and beyond
  • Make a difference

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