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If you have any questions please contact the current Chair, send us a message on Facebook or email us at 

CHAIR - Rahul Mathasing

Hi, I'm Rahul, Chair of Stage Society! My role as Chair is to help members of the society and committee to have the best time they can in the society and to complete their roles. To me, leadership doesn't mean doing everything, just that things are getting done!
I've been part of Stage since 2013-14 and have been part of many different productions, both working backstage and performing onstage. Stage Society is very close to my heart and linked very well to my degree of Systems Engineering. When I graduate from Loughborough, I'd like to go into media and become a producer.
My other interests include music in general such as playing the guitar, playing sports and messing around in front of cameras.
Hey there, I'm James and your Vice Chair/Societies Marketing for the year. I'm a 2nd year Drama student who has been an avid member of Stage Society and the Societies section as a whole, having been in several of the plays and musicals Stage have produced, along with co-directing one myself! 
As Vice Chair/Societies Marketing, it's my duty to help the Chair where I can, be that delegating tasks or taking charge if the Chair is unable to be at a meeting, as well as ensuring that the Society as a whole is well-advertised to all the students part of the Student's Union (for example, this page!)
TREASURER - Daniel Moss
Hey, my name's Dan! I'm a Communication and Media Studies student and I'm your treasurer. It's my job to look after the society's funds and decide how much should be allocated to the various shows and events we run.
SECRETARY - Louisa Smith
Hey everyone! I'm a second year English and Drama student and have been part of stage since my first semester at Loughborough! I've been in musicals, directed and have loved getting involved with our socials and helping out painting sets from time to time. My job as secretary entails making sure the committee is up to date with everything that needs doing, and writing up any decisions from committee meetings as well as booking rehearsal and show spaces to make sure our society members have the places to do what we do best!
SOCIAL SEC - Molly Costello

Hi, I'm Molly. I've been in Stage Society since being a fresher and love to get involved wherever I can! It's my job, alongside my pal Cecilie, to organise all the social events throughout the year as well as the summer and winter ball, and ensure that everybody feels part of the Stage family!


SOCIAL SEC - Cecilie Fray
Hi, I'm Cecilie and I'm one of your Social Sec's! I'm a Drama with Business gal, Molly's other half and originally a Telford resident. I'm a lover of the Welfare and Diversity section but have a big space in my heart for Stage Society.
As Stage social Sec I aim to make sure everyone gets suitably drunk but also organise fun sober events so everyone can get stuck in and spread the stage love.
Hi, I'm Rachel! I currently have three loves in life, Stage, Action and friends. In all three I've found my home away from home at Loughborough.
My role entails co-ordinating stage events with the union, for example action projects, raising money for RAG, and integrating welfare to ensure all our members are safe and happy.    
Hi I'm Malika! I handle all the production marketing for the society's upcoming shows and events and manage a small team to help me do so. The first production I ever saw was Matilda in New York at 15, and since then I've been hooked into this wonderful, mad, mad world.            
BACKSTAGE REP - Imogen Bailey
Hi, I'm Imogen, I'm small and sassy and one of your Backstage Reps for Stage Society. Out of the two Backstage Reps, I'm in charge of making things such as props and set for the many shows Stage produces.
I'm Sam, and I'm one of the backstage reps. I'm a second year English and Drama student, but definitely prefer English to Drama. As backstage rep, I organise teams of people who want to be involved in productions but don't want to be on stage. This includes helping with set design, costume and makeup, and lighting and sound design, and finally, liasing with the directors to make sure they have everyone they need in place for their shows to run as smoothly as possible.
Hi! I'm George, I'm a first year studying drama and I'm your Freshers Rep and Sports Secretary for this academic year. I love all things theatre and performance, I can quite easily rap the entirety of the song 'That's Not Me' by Skepta, I apparently have a slightly Brummie accent (I don't hear it) and most importantly, I'm always up for a chat about anything and everything!
My job as Freshers Rep is to ensure the needs and ideas of every Fresher are incorporated into all aspects of Stage Society as well as making sure everyone feels welcome both and in out of shows. My job as Sports Secretary is organising teams for the Society Sports leagues which allows me to make sure everyone can take part in the sports they love or ones they want to try for the first time.

If you would like to try for a position in next year's Committee, you will need to:

1: Be a member
2: Come along to the AGM
3: Have a speech prepared for why you would be good in your role
4: Be prepared to answer questions from the voters
5: Be yourself!