Open Minds

OpenMinds is a fun creative platform for those who are interested in creative writing, spoken word, poetry, film production and many other creative mediums to host/attend various social events.


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Open Minds is a creative platform which aims to engage, develop and build individuals by exploring a range of skill-based and creative avenues.  We hope to encourage those from both a creative/ non-creative background to express themselves in whatever manner they choose, for example, arts, music, and poetry. At the same time hosting numerous showcases and events as well as skills-based workshops on factors such as confidence building, public speaking, networking and standing out from the crowd.




  1. Open Minds is one of Loughborough's newest official societies. Our aim is to provide a platform for those who are interested in spoken word, poetry, film production, creative writing and many other creative mediums. Members will host and attend shows in which the members are 100% involved in a truly stimulating and creative community. 
  2. Have you ever told someone you attend Loughborough and they immediately ask you what sport related course you study? Another aim is to push Loughborough's creative talent, inspiring more creative and inventive art forms while working alongside other performing societies to provide a truly exhilarating society experience. 
  3. We aim to not create a society that you pay your membership at the start of the year, get a t-shirt, attend one event and do nothing else. We aim to create a society that members are very much active members who take parts in events, shows and discussions, fully submerging themselves within the community.
  4. We also aim to provide skill workshops which promote and stimulate key transferable skills needed in everyday life such as Public Speaking and Writing.
  5. Lastly, our aim is to have fun making you have fun!



  • Firstly, Open Minds is only £5 for the entire year!!! The price of cod and chips down the chippy!
  • It doesn't matter that you're not a creative genius, all you need is the smallest of interest in one of the topics and you'll have a fantastic experience!
  • Open Minds allows you to make tonnes of new friends with like-minded individuals in a welcoming relaxed environment.
  • Employers love extra-curricular activity! Having an active part in such a vibrant society shows you that you are not only a brainiac but you have a bubbly life too and you can successfully balance the two. 
  • With OM workshops you will not only have fun but develop skills that you can take with into your study and beyond.
  • Simply.. join OM because there is no other society that offers what we offer so do not miss out on this fantastic opportunity! 




Toyah Panton- President


Yasmin Abubeker- Vice President


Nadia Iriowen - Secretary


Chamique Willock - Events/Promotions Manager


Adrian Mbugua - Liaison Officer


Umme Islam - Creative Director


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