NO2EU (defunct)

A non partisan society campaigning for Britain to leave the European Union. All those with eurosceptic views welcome regardless of party affiliation!


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                WELCOME TO NO2EU                    



NO2EU is a non-partisan society with the main objective to campaign for Britain’s exit of the corrupt, undemocratic, outdated, failing European Union.



·         We believe that the EU making 70% of our laws is wrong!

·         We believe that spending £55 million a DAY can spent so much better at home looking after the most vulnerable in           Britain!

·         We believe that we should be able to choose who we trade with globally instead of being told who we can and                   can’t!

·         We believe that the EU is undemocratic!

·         We love Europe and its beautiful variety of cultures, we can’t stand the European Union!

·         We believe that ordinary British people should have more of a say on how our country is run instead of some                     unelected bureaucrat in Brussels!

·         And most of all we believe that Britain can be so much better and so much more prosperous outside of the straight jacket which is the EU!



If you are like us and you believe those statements above then we want you! We don’t care whether you are a member of the Conservatives, Labour, UKIP, Labour, Lib Dems, Greens or any other party, or even if you are not affiliated to any party, we want you to join our society!

If you are unsure on the European Union and just want some more information on it from a Eurosceptic point of view then we would love to hear from you!

In a generation where student and young people’s engagement in the political world is very low indeed, we believe it is important for students to get involved and start talking about their views so why not start here?! If you then become a eurosceptic and join our campaign then that’s even better!

This society is ran by its people equally. Each person has just as much of a say in to how it is ran as everybody else. The main aim of the society is to campaign both within and out of the university. We will hold street stalls in Loughborough and the surrounding areas. We will leaflet Loughborough and the surrounding area. We will invite guest speaker politicians and activists into the university to speak about their Eurosceptic or undecided views; if they are undecided, we will help them see the light! We will hold debates between societies to speak to students about why we should leave the European Union. If you have any other ideas then let’s hear them! Your ideas are just as valued as anybody else’s!

So come on, let’s not waste this opportunity of a lifetime. Let’s take the opportunity to work hard and get Great Britain standing independently and free again. The European Union we were dragged into back in the 1970s is nothing like the European Union today. Some people have been waiting a lifetime for this referendum, let’s get the result that we, Britain, and those that have fought and died to defend Her deserve. Lets vote to leave, lets say NO2EU. 

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