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Committee 2019-2020

Nice to meet you, we're your Music Society Committee. We're here to keep the society running, organise jams, socials and events and to get you the best equipment and opportunities we can. Committee is elected just before the Easter Holiday's each year. If you're interested in running for next committee, feel free to come have a chat with any of us about what we do and what the job entails.

We are in the process of making some changes to the committee. We will hopefully be introducing a Vice Chair and Secretary/Outreach Positions. These developments will be posted on the facebook page.

Chair: Benjamin Parrett 

Oversees the running of the society,

it's committee and their sections. 


Vice Chair: Toby Oates

Assists with the running of the society and

deals with members requests and questions.


Treasurer: Matthew Hart

Keeps the accounts and finances in order for the society.


Social and Events Sec: Daniel Turian

Organises socials and society events,

such as nights out and trips to gigs.


Kit Sec: Sam Jolley

Responsible for the all the equipment

and figuring out what might need buying. 


Media: Phoebe Gallimore

In charge of social media,

logos, stash, leaflets and event photos.


Secretary: Sam gallagher

Responsible for the society correspondance

and outreach to companies and businesses.