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LSU Classical was formed in September 2015 by students at Loughborough University and has performed many concerts, from small expositions in local primary schools to sold-out themed concerts of The New World and Songs From The Silver Screen. We have also performed at some free admission concerts to make the experience and enjoyment of Classical music more accessible and to raise the profile of the Arts on campus.

We aim to provide a friendly music community for students and staff at Loughborough University, through being a member of a large community and regular social events. If you wish to become a member of the orchestra or community, please join our facebook group:


Our newest project is this year's annual concert: DANCES.

LSU Classical presents DANCES - a concert of specially selected classical dance pieces. Ranging from well known classics to quirky collections, we will guide you through the interesting history and development of classical dance music. Following the success of our last annual concert, DANCES will be the highlight of our performance calendar and should not be missed!



Friday 11th May 2018
Cope Auditorium
Loughborough University
LE11 3TU


Tickets are available below - if you wish to purchase a ticket and you are not a student/staff member at Loughborough, please email






If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact any members of the committee.


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