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Hello, and welcome to the page for the Loughborough Debating Society! We are a society about free and fair debate that seek to improve our debating skills and have fun in the process. If you wish to find out more information, simply scroll down!


Memberships are priced at the very low £5! This is as low as we could possibly make it so that it would be less of a barrier to members joining. Also, bear in mind that LSU have their own £5.50 societies membership fee too!


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  • President - Joss Holmes
  • Vice President - Liam Vickers
  • Treasurer - Jack Martin
  • Media Rep - Bel Holland
  • Social Sec - Position vacant

Meeting Information

Our meetings will be held in D002 every Thursday from 7 until 8:15, excluding Christmas and Easter weeks. [Please note to exit the building you will be unable to go through the James France Exhibition area and will have to use the side doors in the D room corridor.]

Debating Structure


The topic that we will debate is changed every week. The topic will be chosen by those present at the end of the meeting for the previous week. Very few topics will be off limit to ensure that there is a free and fair debate of a wide range of subjects.


People will be split into two teams; if a topic demands that there be more than 2 teams due to the nature of the topic, we will add another team. People will be assigned their teams at random at the end of a session, and those who do not have a team at the start of a session will be assigned one. The role of individuals within their team is decided by them. If someone does not want to speak, they will not be forced to. If people simply want to observe a debate and not join a team, they are more than welcome to, but they cannot interfere with the debate.


Everyone will have a week to prepare for the topic of the debate; we will post the topic for each week on Facebook in the group and on the page for those who were not at the meeting. At the start of every meeting, there will be 15 minutes for each team to organise the information they have gathered and construct their argument. The two teams will be expected to select a member of the team to give a small speech of roughly 30 seconds length when introducing their topic, and when closing the debate.

Debating Style

As previously mentioned, there will be two teams arguing their motion, most commonly, a motion for and a motion against. An impartial Speaker will moderate the debate between the teams. In order for someone on a team to talk, they must put their hand up and be given permission by the Speaker to talk. This is to prevent people talking over each other and ensure high-quality debate. Speakers will be under the oversight of the committee to ensure that they moderate and treat both teams equally and fairly. There will be a "three strike" system whereby members will be removed from the debate if the Speaker deems them to have broken the rules three times; this is one strike per broken rule. Throughout the debate, the Speaker will mark the teams based on the criteria in the "marking_criteria.pdf" file below and the team with the highest total mark will be declared winner


  1. Do not discriminate against people on the basis of race, sexuality, or gender
  2. Do not personally attack other members of the group during the debate
  3. Attempt to refrain from talking over other members; strikes are only given if this is done repeatedly
  4. Do not deliberately make up false information to debate with
  5. The rules may be subject to change in the future

Duties of the Speaker

  1. The Speaker is bound to both rules 1 and 2 of the above rules section
  2. The Speaker is expected to score the teams based on the criteria found in the linked pdf document "marking_criteria.pdf
  3. The Speaker must reward points fairly without being overzealous; they must be balanced in their rewarding of points
  4. The Speaker must treat all teams and team members equally and fairly
  5. The Speaker can give strikes when they deem appropriate, as long as they are consistent with the equal and fair treatment of teams and team members
  6. The Speaker's rules may be subject to change in the future
You can find the criteria - "marking_criteria.pdf" - here!


Coming soon!


Coming soon!