Loughborough Debating


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Hello, and welcome to the page for the Loughborough Debating Society! We are a society about free and fair debate that seek to improve our debating skills and have fun in the process. If you wish to find out more information, simply scroll down!


Memberships are priced at the very low £5! This is as low as we could possibly make it so that it would be less of a barrier to members joining. Also, bear in mind that LSU have their own £5.50 societies membership fee too!


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  • President - Joss Holmes
  • Vice President - Position vacant
  • Secretary - Position vacant
  • Treasurer - Jack Martin
  • Social Secretary and Welfare Rep - Position vacant

Meeting Information

Our meetings will be held in D002 every Thursday from 7 until 8:15, excluding Christmas and Easter weeks. [Please note to exit the building you will be unable to go through the James France Exhibition area and will have to use the side doors in the D room corridor.]

The agenda for each week will change. We will have a debate every 2-3 weeks, and between the debates we will be training each other in terms of debating skills, and practice th skills that we do acquire.

Debating Structure

The debating structure that we will use when we do debate will be British Parliamentary System of debate.

The two sides are called the Government and Opposition, with these sides being split into two groups themselves. The speakers are similarly titled:

  1. Opening Government (first faction):
    1. Prime Minister
    2. Deputy Prime Minister
  2. Opening Opposition (second faction):
    1. Leader of the Opposition
    2. Deputy Leader of the Opposition
  3. Closing Government (third faction):
    1. Member of Government
    2. Government Whip
  4. Closing Opposition (fourth faction):
    1. Member of Opposition
    2. Opposition Whip

Even though there are two teams of government or opposition, it does not mean they are on the same side. All four teams are opposing one-another.

Each speaker will give a speech that can be anywhere from 3-7 minutes depending on the debate topic and the time constraints. The speaking order can be seen below:


Coming soon!


Coming soon!