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As part of re-enacting the 1100s, we portray the day to day lives of people in the 12th century from the perspective of craftsmen and women. This involves and engages any members who are interested in designing and creating authetic items to wear, wield, eat and entertain. Everything made is based on historical documents and artifacts, so that our costumes, combat equipment and display pieces are made as if it was from the 12th century.


The crafts generally fall under one of two categories: Laboratores (those who work) or Oratores (those who pray). Laboratores are the labourers, who make period accurate items within their specific craft, such as: drapery, woodworking, embroidery, maillework and cookery to name a few.  During the first few sessions, you can expect to try sewing and embroidering authentic kit, and perhaps trying out some basic woodwork or leatherwork.

However, the majority of crafts fall under the Laboratores category. The remaining crafts involve the Oratores, the pious members of 12th century society who had a very important role: writing down history. Their main crafts are scribing and illustration since they composed the bibles and bestiaries we use as primary sources of information today.


As the year goes on, members can become more immersed in different crafts, from the odd jobs like cuffing spears and dyeing cloth to making your own combat equipment such as your shield. Each year there's something different to be involved in, like this year we made our magnificent banner.

In a chatty, relaxed atmosphere, usually with a film on in the background, kit sessions quickly turn into a relaxed weekly social. If you want any more information about the crafts we do and how, you can drop in to one of our weekly sessions in at G007 in G-Block, Tuesdays from 18:00 - 21:00 or message one of the committee members for more details. We'll be waiting at both the Union and in G007 itself beforehand for the first few sessions. Alternatively, find us on facebook at LSU Living History Society.