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In our society we don't fight like other re-enactment groups; as our fights are never scripted or predetermined and is more of a competitive martial art than scripted show. This means there’s nothing to stop a standard levyman butchering an armoured knight... so long as they can hit them that is! We feel competitive combat brings an intensity and enjoyment to this hobby like no other.


Combat in the 12th century covers a vast range of social classes, from simple levies and garrison archers to highly trained mercenaries and heavily armoured knights. There is also a wide variety of kit impressions, with the average levy being equipped with shield, polearm and some form of knife or axe; while a well endowed knight would be able to have a larger array of combat gear including swords, hauberks, surcoats, winged spears, faceplate helms... and so on.


The combat system is split into two main combat types, either the stalwart men-at-arms or the long-reaching spearmen that both carry different wargear. New members learn safe combat conduct with wooden wasters of both types so they can choose which style suits them before moving onto steel and carrying the Loughborough shield proudly into battle. All this training prepares members to join one of the nationwide shows during the summer.

Photo taken by Xiyuan Tan, May 2018

We train regularly under the tutelage of our resident knight, so individual fighting styles are well developed and you find what works for you. If you're interested in dropping down for an afternoon's fighting, please let us know on our Facebook group with enough notice so we can bring enough equipment for everyone. Training is on the Bill Mo pitch behind the dance studio in term time every Sunday from 11-3pm and Wednesdays from 2-4pm. Head towards the fire assembly point and you won't miss us!