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Welcome to the Investment Society!

We welcome all students from different backgrounds and degree disciplines with a common interest and curiosity about the financial sector. What separates us from other financial societies is that we focus specifically on investment, so that our members benefit from in-depth detail about investments and the associated matters such as career talks and offers, external competitions, discussions about current affairs and virtual funds for the investment sector.

This society will equip members with the financial knowledge and transferable skills which are necessary for a potential career in Investment Banking. If you are interested in the investment banking industry and meeting other like-minded people in a competitive environment then this is the society for you!

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What we offer:

At the start of the year all members will receive a resource pack which contains; the schedule of meetings, speakers and career opportunities, practice competency based questions, external competitions, virtual investment fund tips and useful websites to enhance ones knowledge. We meet every fortnight in J002 at 6:30p.m and aim to cover: 

  • Guest Speakers and Career Opportunities: By encouraging our members to attend corporate presentations throughout the year, it will raise awareness as to the different types of jobs that are available within this field and offer a valuable insight into the financial markets with their knowledge and experience. We will also forward relevant presentations hosted by the Careers and Employability Centre.
  • Practice Competency Based Questions: With major investment institutions offering various placement opportunities which are all highly competitive, we aim to provide resources that will consist of; practice questions, timed verbal and non-verbal tests, numerical and strength assessments with support from the Career and Employability Centre.
  • Current Affairs: We aim to keep members updated about current issues within the financial markets as well as previous successes in various sectors, and discuss different types of investment banking such as Hedge Funds and Private Equity. 
  • Virtual Investment Funds: We strongly believe in the need for putting the theory into practice. This can be achieved by running two virtual investment funds; one for novices and one for the more knowledgeable members. 
  • Internal and External Competitions: To further enhance one’s exposure of the global markets, members will be updated with competitions such as the Barclays Fantasy Investment Game whereby each player has £100,000 of virtual money to invest in a risk-free environment and be in with a chance to win £10,000, as well as other fantastic prizes.


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Founded in 2015 by Raheem Husen