Intercultural Dialogue Society (defunct)


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Intercultural Dialogue Society at Loughborough Students Unions shares knowledge and experience with Dialogue Society, a charity organisaation established in 1999 with a view of advancing social cohesion (


The primary aim of Intercultural Dialogue is to advance social cohesion by connecting individuals from all walks of life here are Loughborough through dialogue. The society aims to achieve this by raising awareness and increasing knowledge about vibrant cultures that can be found in every corner of Loughborough.

1) The society will be inviting  guest speakers from different ethnic and occupational backgrounds to share with the members their knowledge and experience about 'hot-topics'. Examples include, Police Crime Commissioners, MPs, successful business men and etc.

2) The society will be resorting to the visual media to effectively raise awareness about social issues that have dominated our history, and sadly continue to do so. Racism, sexism and holocausts are some of the society's contemporary ideas.

3) The society will be running Lunching events: to help understand other cultures, the society will be inviting individuals or groups, to showcase/present/explain their cultural values to participants. These sessions will run during lunch times at specified locations.


4) The society will be organising sports activities in collaboration with other societies from Loughborough University and beyond to open up new lines of communication and practice between social groups. Examples include football, basketball, netball, badminton, tennis and many more.

Please follow our Facebook page to be kept upto date with our events:

Why become a member?

You will obtain a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives and practices as you participate in our inter-cultural events.

You will have the freedom and informed ability to make choices about high-profile social issues.

Your personal skills and qualities will be further enhanced as you showcase your chosen topic to the society.