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The Huaren Society, more commonly known as the largest Chinese Society officially accredited by Loughborough Students’ Union, is an association aiming to organise a wide range of sports activities and tournaments for Chinese students at Loughborough University. As a newly founded society in 2018, Huaren Society currently has four main sport sections, which are Basketball, Football, Badminton, and E-sport, respectively. All sections are equipped with professional coaches and training sessions each academic week. Besides, society members have opportunities to be selected into the professional teams of each section and participate in different tournaments across the UK.

Currently, we have a clear and integrated organisational structure with approximately 30 staff working in six departments (i.e. Committee Office, Finance Department, Publicity Department, Human Resource Department, Liaison Department, and Event Department). Huaren Society is also responsible for the organisation of all kinds of sport tournaments each year at Loughborough University, such as Loughborough Open Badminton Tournament (LOBT) and UK Chinese Basketball Championship (UCBC). 


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