Hindu Society (NHSF)


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Social Events


We are all students, and students go to university to have FUN! We have a fun packed year full of social events through which you are able to learn more about many aspects in life by meeting new people. We - NHSF Loughborough believe in bringing a community together through pure enjoyment!


One of our most extragavent social event's is DIL SE a charity event in aid of three chairites. DIL SE is an event; organised together with Sikh Society, Tamil Society and Asian Society aswell, allowing different religions and cultures to embrace each other. This event began in 2010 by three girls from Loughborough University in aim of doing something new for charity, and due its huge success, there will be many more years to come! The event is full of acting & dancing, allowing students to show off their talent to full potential and blow the audience away. And to top it off a delicious three course meal! Dil Se will be held again in March 2018!


Another popular social event is the annual Meet & Greet that takes place every year in October, which gives students to meet new people in NHSF Loughborough. This is a good oppurtunity, in particular for freshers to make friends with returning students and the returners to meet the new comers and socialise making everyone feel AT HOME! It creates a FAMILY away from home. Everyone is welcome to attend this and any other event of NHSF Loughborough; we are very welcoming and friendly and urge people to bring others along with them.

Below is a picture of Central Zone garba from last year! We particpate in a number of national events with Hindu Societies all over the country!


As part of our Hindu Dharma, it is for the utmost respect that all events that are organised by NHSF Loughborough or in collaboration are strictly ‘No Alcohol, No Meat’ events.





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