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Religious Events


NHSF Loughborough organise and are a part of many religious events throughout the year. Our events have attracted many students and communities around Loughborough; weekly Aarti (prayer) and Discussion in James France (on campus), National Garba, Diwali Celebrations, Ram Dhun (Religious Chanting), Mahashivratri Puja, Holi Celebration are only some of the exciting events NHSF Louhghborough holds or participates in. These events are truly inspiring attended by students from across the country, making them even bigger, better and enjoyable!


Below are past and upcoming  Events to look forward to by NHSF Loughborough:
Meet and Greet - 4th Oct
Diwali Ball -  30th October
Central Zone Garba - 1st Nov
Central Zone Sports Competition - 25th Nov
National Sports Competition - 17th Feb

Sound good? Feel as if you have missed out? Then full event information can be found on our Facebook (NHSF Loughborough) and Instagram pages, so do not forget to join and follow us! And, of course attend!