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LSU Harry Potter & Quidditch Society


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Upcoming Events

Start of Year Social/Board Games Night
Thursday 5th October, Room J203 in Edward Herbert Building  (EHB) 6pm-10pm
Our first social of the year!If you aren't sure Join us in EHB for a chilled-out evening of fun board games. Bring any games you'd like to play and see what our society is like.whether or not you'd like to be a member, come along and see what our society is all about!
Chill out Social with Costume Competition

Monday 9th October, J205, Village Bar 7pm-10pm
It is a costume social, though this is optional, and will be a night filled with fun and mischief to get to know your fellow society members!

Sorting Social
Thursday 19th October, Room J205 in EHB, 7pm-10pm
Find out which house you will be earning points for throughout the year through our very own sorting ceremony.

Harry Potter Stuesdays
Tuesday 24th October
The hogwarts students are ditching the books and heading to the union. Pre drinks will be hosted (location TBC) starting at 20:00, so if you're a member of the society join us!


Last years events included:

Fantastic Beasts Midnight Showing
Friday 18th November, Cineworld, 00:05
Of course we're all incredibly excited about the release of this film, so what better way to celebrate than to attend the midnight showing? We have our own screen booked out just for us at Cineworld, and for just £5 a ticket you can be there! There are only 39 seats available, so buy your ticket fast! This is a members only event.

First Triwizard Task
Monday 28th November, Charnwood Museum

It's happening, the most dangerous and competitive event we hold in the society: The Triwizard Tournament!
Team up with the rest of your house to prove yourselves best in this set of three deadly tasks; the first will require you to call upon the skills of everyone in the house.

Yule Ball
Saturday 10th December, Fusion, 20:30

This is the most anticipated event of the year; it's a chance to get dressed up and have a great time with your friends while also raising money for charity. Included: Buffet, DJ, games, charity raffle, photographers, drinks bar and lots of Christmas cheer!! All proceeds go to the charity Lumos. Tickets cost £10 for members and £12 for non-members and can be bought through the website.

Harry Potter Goes to Disneyland!
Friday 13th January, Telford Common Room, 20:00
After the success last year, we have once again teamed up with Disney Society for a joint social! Join us for a night of games, quizzes and fun. Those wishing to go to FND after can use the social as a place to predrink, so bring plenty of alcohol!

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