LSU Harry Potter & Quidditch Society


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LSU Harry Potter & Quidditch Society

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Chair - Matthew Jenkins

Hey there, I'm Matt the chair of the Harry Potter & Quidditch society! We have a lot of fun and great times with all of the fantastic events in the society so it'd be great if you came and met us all. If you want more information about the society and what we get up to, ask me or any of the other committee members or just send an email to


Secretary - Will Farrar

Hi, I'm Will, the secretary of the Harry Potter and Quidditch society and head of Gryffindor. I try to keep the society organised and write way too many risk assessments! I'm always happy to meet new people so come down to our socials and say hi. If you want to know anything about the society, feel free to send us an email at I'm also on the Quidditch team so it would be great to see you at training.


Treasurer - Emily Arnold

As Treasurer, I look after the finances and make sure we have plenty of money to make socials, Triwizard challenges, Quidditch tournaments, Yule Ball and other activities throughout the year top-notch. As someone who came into quidditch knowing nothing about Harry Potter, I have loved getting to know everyone on both sides of the society and getting stuck in with all the activities! Just look at me now, I'm head of Hufflepuff and loving it!


Social and Charity Sec - Ash Boland


"Hi, I'm Ash! My favourite colour is green and when I'm older I want to be a racecar!" - Ash, at some point, probably.




Sports Sec - Bill Orridge


Hi, I'm Bill, coach of the Loughborough Longshots Quidditch team. I organise and run the training sessions, matches, and Quidditch socials. Come along and give this awesome sport a try! You can find all the Quidditch information here.



Media and Stash Rep - Lucy Nicholls


Hi, I'm Lucy, the Media and Stash rep and head of Ravenclaw! I'm in charge of keeping the social media accounts and website running and up to date, as well as producing stash for you to buy and show support for your house! You can follow us on our Twitter and Tumblr for the latest news. I hope to see you at some socials soon!