LSU Harry Potter & Quidditch Society


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LSU Harry Potter & Quidditch Society

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Chair - Alistair Blakemore

Hi, I'm Ali, the Chair of the Harry Potter and Quidditch Society. I do the organising bit and the form filling, so socials and events run smoothly. If you want to know anything about the society, feel free to send us an email at or message me personally on Facebook! I can't wait to meet new freshers for a great year!







Secretary - william baker

Hi, I’m William and I will be your secretary for this year. It is my job to take the minutes from committee meetings, book rooms and generally support the chair where needed. I’ve been with the society for a year and have absolutely loved it. I’m now looking forward to another great year with the society, and hopefully a successful year with the Loughborough Longshots.







treasurer - Olivia connolly

Hi, I'm Olivia, the treasurer for the society this year. As treasurer I keep track of the money and budget for the societies events. Come and join us at our next social!









Media & Stash - daria lekki 

Hey, I’m Daria and I’m your media and stash rep. It is my job to keep all the social media posts updated and making sure you guys have pictures from the awesome events we have planned for you this year!








social sec - Katarína Castulíková

Hello! My name is Kate and I am social sec for our society this year. I am in charge of social activities and making sure Triwizard tasks run smoothly. I can say that we have a lot of fun activities prepared and we can’t wait to share it with you! So, keep track of our webpage and mostly Facebook group which will be created once you sign up to our society. Last but not least, I am the head of Hufflepuff! Also, if you have any questions or want to talk to somebody, I am here to help.