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Welcome to the Tabletop Games Society, Loughborough's home of all things dice and miniatures!

We are a community who love traditional tabletop gaming in all its forms, from tabletop roleplaying like Dungeons & Dragons to wargames such as Warhammer 40,000. We also have an extensive collection of board games, an active Magic: The Gathering community, design and run our own large-scale megagames, and are always ready to try out new games as a group. As well as loving our games, we also strive to be a fun and welcoming community and to help you enjoy your time at Loughborough.
The worldwide community is growing rapidly and keeps producing great new games to keep us all entertained. If you've not tried it before, we'd love to have you along!

Where to find us:

We are based out of G Block, tucked in behind the Edward Herbert building on the east end of Loughborough University campus. Our most active meets are every Thursday evening during term time, but we have access to the rooms to schedule games during the following times:
Thursdays 1900-2200
Saturdays 1100-2200
Sundays 1100-2200
Hope to see you there!
Timings and room allocations may change during exam periods.

Membership and Newcomers

If you just want to come along and try us out, then please do! There's no pressure to pay subs during your first few weeks, and we'd rather you just come along and enjoy the hobby with us. However, if you like what we do and would like to become an official member, hit the button below to join up (standard membership for LSU members, associate for all non-students including Alumni):


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