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Drone Society

Welcome to drone soc, the society dedicated to the flight of drones, model aircraft and rotorcraft.

For those who are new to the wonderful world of drones, they are flying robots that can use a range of propulsion methods to stay airborne, such as multiple propellers (e.g. Quadcopters) or flaping wings (ornithopter).

Whether you are; an engineer and fancy a project, an enthusiast who wants to develop the hobby or just interested, this society is for everyone.

We generally meet on Thursdays and Sundays for a flying and social session. Event information is circulated to all members via facebook and email.

For more information

Email j.e.maskill-15@student.lboro.ac.uk 

or m.m.ramsey-15@student.lboro.ac.uk

Facebook www.facebook.com/LSUDroneSoc

No elections are currently running