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About Us


We are the society of food lovers. Whether you prefer to cook or bake, have dreams of your own restaurant or tend to burn pasta, we want to make food with you! With food parties (they're as good as they sound - music, learning how to make an eating good food and a chilled vibe), workshops, demonstrations, competitions and exclusive member discounts at cafes and restaurants around town - we're focussing on student living being healthy, delicious and accessible.

Included in membership is a Level 2 Food Safety Certificate. This is excellent to put on your CV, and also allows you to legally create and sell food to share with others during society activities and other events and societies of your choosing.

Our Story
At the Freshers’ Bazaar in 2017, budding bakers and keen chefs didn’t have somewhere to call home. Although there was an amazing range of clubs and societies for people to get involved with, us foodies felt a little out of place.
The great thing about food, though, is that it has opportunities to bring people together multiple times per day. Finding likeminded individuals who enjoyed learning about, creating and eating different foods happened very naturally and we began to carve out our own social space for socialising, with different food themes adding a party vibe.
As our meetups grew in popularity, we realised we could expand our scope. On top of the regular food parties, daytime meetings designed to work out the logistics of forming an official society began to take place. Brainstorming sessions for names (“Get Baked” was one suggestion, but we decided to keep our name closer to developing cooking and baking skills!), activities and membership details as a group helped us submit our application and get on the road to being backed by the Students’ Union.
Many risk assessments and a steep learning curve later, the society was formed. Events continued, including our first society trip (to the BBC Summer Good Food Show 2018). We won Best New Society at the 2018 Society Awards because of how we worked to regularly host delicious, inclusive and exciting events, overcoming logistical challenges and our newness as a society that stood in our way.
So we’ve made it over the first few hurdles and we’ve even gained an accolade along the way (our Best New Society Award!) - but our momentum is only increasing from here. With Society status comes increased support from the Union, increased opportunities for introducing a wider selection of events and a whole year to get ourselves stuck into Society life. We weren’t around at the Freshers Bazaar in 2017, but 2018 is our inaugural year. We can’t wait to meet even more people who love to cook and bake. We all learn from each other in different ways, so whether you’re Michelin starred or struggling to boil an egg - you’re welcome to join us as we continue to grow and expand.
Some of our plans for the year include:
  • Workshops and demonstrations with professional chefs and bakers
  • More food parties where we cook and bake together
  • Demonstrations and recipe invention sessions with fellow members (think of an edible ‘Show & Tell’!)
  • Cooking and baking competitions both within the society and across the University (Come Dine With Me, Bake Off)
  • Exclusive tasting events, meals out and member discounts in and out of town (if you’re into coffee, you’ll like us too!)
  • Society member job shadowing opportunities with employers in Loughborough
  • Foodie trips to fairs, conventions and markets
  • Society nights out for those of us who enjoy a bit of irresponsible partying (rather than the cooking kind)
  • And we may even be getting involved with Societies Sport (we’ll be eating the best, and food is fuel, so technically we should be top of the leagues, right?!)
Worried about whether your dietary needs will be met? Many of our members have special dietary requirements, including nut allergies, celiac disease, vegetarian and vegan diets. We always aim to be inclusive and as a part of our membership all members receive Food Safety and Hygiene Training (which extensively covers cross contamination and allergen issues).
If you’d like to join us, log in to your student account and pop our membership into your basket. Membership fees go towards running events and making our society as fun as it can possibly be!