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Loughborough Chinese Society (LUCS) 2018 - 2019 aims to unite all Chinese in Loughborough through promoting friendship, appreciation and respect between various cultures in our community. The LUCS aims to connect those Chinese students who have an interest in a greater community of students at the Loughborough University.


This year's LUCS Committees promises to be the best that there has yet been at Loughborough University! There will be all range of activities available, including day trips such as go-karting and bowling, socialising activities, charitable events as well as night time activities such as clubbing and karaoke! Sports will also be a highlight this year, where there will be organised inter and intra uni competitive games and leisure playing welcoming players across all levels! Additionally there would be discount for particular shops and restaurants for our exclusive members!

Our aims are to care for the welfare and to provide support to our members, whilst helping to maintain links with other members of the society through various cultural and social events.

The Society acts as a representative of the Chinese people, and distinguishes itself from the other societies by organising events that are unique to our culture, helping them to bond and foster cohesion amongst the Chinese students, whilst working and interacting with other societies from UK based Universities.

We also aim to ease the transition into a new lifestyle at Loughborough University for all freshers and new Chinese arrivals. Anyone is welcome to join us to gain a Chinese perspective of life in Loughborough and to participate in our activities and get to know more about Loughborough and its region.


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In order to take part in any of these events, you MUST hold membership to the society by joining through the Student Union eshop (Located on the top of the Homepage) which costs £10 for the academic year.  So become a member of the society today to make the most of what's in store!


To become a member of the society follow the procedure:

1) Click 'Add to Basket' for Chinese Society Standard Membership - £15.00 at the top of the homepage.
2) Then go to your 'basket' at the right hand margin of the page and click to pay.
3) Enter all the payment details needed correctly to purchase membership.
4) After completion of payment, your status at the top of this page will read "You are already a member".


Make the most of the year and get involved with our events!!


Loughborough Chinese Society 2018-2019