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The Loughborough Students Union Brunei Society, better known as LufBru, was established on 7th February 2007. In 2005, there were only 8 Bruneian students studying in Loughborough hence, an insufficient number to make a society. A year later, 22 new Bruneian students came to Loughborough making a total of 30 Bruneian students. This marked the birth of the LSU Brunei Society i.e. LufBru.

Loughborough University was ranked no. 6 in the Top 10 universities in the UK in 2007 and this drew in the interests of 40 new Bruneian undergraduates and postgraduates making a grand total of 70 members of LufBru for that year. Over the years more and more Bruneians came to Loughborough and as of the present academic year of 2009 – 2011, there are now more than 120 Bruneian students with 100 registered as members of the Society.

The past and present LufBru Committees have incessantly and actively organised trips and activities for its members, such as trips to Cadbury World and Cardiff Rampage Tour, shopping trip to Yorkshire, Hari Raya and National Day Celebrations, International Students’ Association International Day, MAD Paintball, BruNotts Easter Games and many more.


While the Society has done so much on that aspect, Loughborough University has a well established sports reputation and facilities which the Society has taken full advantage of. LufBru has become an active society with weekly sports organised at most twice a week such as netball, football and badminton. This led to the Annual Badminton, Football and Netball Intra-Society Tournaments. LufBru has also been participating in a number of tournaments and events with the International Students Association such as the Mini World Cup Tournament and International Dodgeball Tournament.

In highlight of Sultan of Brunei’s sermon, the Society has made emphasis on the religious aspect as well. The Society has continuously held Weekly Recitation of the Quran as well as invited guest religious speakers, which in turn has allowed fostering good junior-senior relationships.

LufBru is also known for organising its biggest event of the year during the summer holidays in Brunei called the ‘LufBru Summer Games’. The games contested included badminton, netball and football. Marking its fourth year in 2010 after first established, the Games has proven to be a raving success. To date, the Games has been nominated the ‘Most Outstanding Event’ by the LSU SocFed and won the award for 3 CONSECUTIVE YEARS.

We would hope that the Society will continue delivering its best to meet the needs of its members and remain successful in the years running.

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