Airsoft Society


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What’s Happening?

The society aim to run around 6 game day events per year with additional socials to fill up your calendar! Event information will be provided via email and published to social media when they get close to the time, so keep your eyes peeled! Additional plans such as the (bi)annual trips to Alton Towers, Extra-activity nights (such as trampoline socials) and society barbecues are all to look forward to in the coming year!

Additional information on weekly socials will be posted around the end of October.

A quick brief of our token social events are below:

  • Tuesday Night Shoot-out! Want to try out our weapons and see what airsoft is really like? Come along to our nights where we turn LSU’s own Room One into a temporary range! Followed, naturally, by a night out at stupid Tuesday.
  • Russian Roulette Join the society on a messy night of drinking games. Revolving around Russian roulette, choose a shot and get one. It may be water, it may be juice, or it may be something much more sinister! Also accompanied by further games such as standard shot roulette, beer pong, card games and more before finishing in the night with a trip to LSU!
  • LSU AIRSOFT COUP (Punch Party!) The society invades an outing! Start the evening with a twist by attending the legendary punch party before ruthlessly taking over the target venue for the evening. Assume control and keep it! This one is definitely a night to remember!
  • Signups or tickets to starred events will be available below around the weeks before the event and will be sent out in an email when they are available. Check out our social media for even faster updates!



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