Airsoft Society


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The committee are an integral part of any student-run society, and we're here to run the society on the behalf of the members, enacting any changes that they'd like to see. For more specific information about each space feel free to ask the member in charge or see our information pack which will be sent out to all members before the elections in semester two.

Who we are


Kierran Guare

Frequently involved in the demolitions trade, Kierran has been known to attach grenade launchers to grenade launchers in a very Xzibit-ish manner. Only getting heavy into airsoft in 2015. The over excitable, apologetic Canadian with a love affair for maple syrup is always available to offer a helping hand. Kierran will often draw the suppressing fire with his vivid pink hair.


Matthew Roberts

A new and vibrant character on the Airsoft scene, Matt has already broken more guns than most people have owned. He offsets this regular problem with more enthusiasm and nerf guns.


James Cross



Scott Dodds



Ashley Baldiwn

Known as the man with the golden gun as he possess a golden pistol


Will Hewitt



Cameron Reade

Is more athletic than any Airsofter has any reasonable right to be. Also has an ever-growing collection of various guns and is gaining a well deserved repuation as the society weapons expert.


Phoebie Day

The token artist of the group. The "Space Mermaid" provides all of the new marketing and brand material for the 2015/16 season. Typically will attend the battlefield wielding nothing but a pen. Mother of the "Charity Calendar" Idea. Obviously.

What We Do


The chair is responsible for the safe overall running of the society. They are the main point of contact for liaison with the Students' Union, and are also responsible for chairing regular committee meetings.

They should endeavour to help provide all the necessary resources/help to other committee members such that they can adequately fulfil their respective roles.

The chair should maintain the "vision" of the society, and should promote the society in external circles. Ideally the chair should have great problem-solving abilities, as they serve as the chief point of call for any major issues.


The treasurer is responsible for the financial affairs of the society. The role involves the management of both society accounts (membership & grant accounts), and the provision of regular financial statements to the committee.

The treasurer is responsible for the authorisation of spending, and is responsible for maintaining a relation with the Students' Union regarding the status of society accounts/assets.


The secretary is responsible for the administration of the society. This role involves keeping minutes and monitoring membership of the society. Some communication with LSU will be channelled via the secretary.

The role also involves sending occassional general notices to the society's membership, updating risk assessments for activities and providing general assistance to the chair.

Events Officer

The events officer is responsible for the smooth-running of events hosted by the society. This role invovles regular communication with LSU, and (if applicable) other societies and external organisations.

Stash Sec

Responsible for designing, sourcing and ordering items of stash for the society. This role involves market research and good communication with all members of the society to ensure everyone has a say in stash orders.