Airsoft Society


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Membership Benefits

Alongside access to one of the best societies in the union (trust us, we’re not biased!) the society gives you access to a lot of extras:

  • Access to members’ only early-bird discount tickets ahead of non-members general release.
  • Access to members’ only socials and events including punch-party socials and Russian roulette nights.
  • Chance to be part of a growing airsoft family who enjoy a real night out, including queue jump at specified events and more!
  • Affiliation with the UKAPU (UK Airsoft Players Union)
  • The ability to attend events and days designed to get your UKARA licensing as fast as possible, any time in the year.
  • Site support from our affiliated game day site
  • Experience and support maintaining weapons and equipment by the society if possible
  • Access to a secure, university approved, on-campus solution to weapon storage to avoid issues in halls and student lets.
  • Access to unlimited ammunition on society run events.
  • Discounts to additional supplies such as pyrotechnics.
  • And more!