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Accounting and Business Society

The LSU Accounting and Business Society (ABS) is a platform created for young accounting
and business students including other students from other disciplines that might just be
interested in the subject area.
Connecting promising and passionate students that may be interested in the financial
industry to companies providing opportunities within a range of industries, including but not
limited to; Accountancy, Property, Law and Consulting and much more!?
Last year, we were able to do an excel workshop, a networking event called ‘Break that
Glass Ceiling’ where different companies came in to talk about diversity in the workplace
and other opportunities or positions they had to offer Loughborough university students
and other events.

ABS is not just a strictly an academic society. This year we are working on organising a range
of different events or socials such as a games night, film shows which could help with wider
knowledge, potential firms coming into the university and giving talks, a bbq and so on.


  • We aim to not only create awareness of opportunities available to students such as internships, placement, graduate schemes and brand ambassador programs but to provide as much help as we can with the application process. By this, we intend to empower our members by supporting their career development plans.
  • Also, we aim to encourage students by providing academic support. This could potentially be through peer mentoring schemes, educational exam preparation workshops specialising in helping with particular modules, we could also offer specialist classes such as excel training classes.
  • Through networking events and society social events, we intend to engage students. This will contribute to building members relationships within the Accounting and Business Society.

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No elections are currently running


Discussion Night is coming up on Tuesday 23rd October!

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