Ability of Greatness (Defunct)

Ability of Greatness is a society centred around the incredible power of knowledge, how gaining and sharing it can be used to enrich and improve lives, ultimately making the world a better place.


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Latest Information

Check out the facebook group to keep up to date with the latest AoG information.



Next Session Time and Date

Date: Tuesday 4th March 2014

Time: 6:30pm  

Location: James France D109

Theme: No Bollocks Meditation

Entry Cost: Free



Access James France via the back entrance (the front entrance is locked in the evenings) and you will be in the "D" area, then go up the stairs and head to the room on your left labeled "D109".

The society will then be given a challenge for the week which will be based upon that particular weeks topic.


What do you do?

Every session will have a certain topic based on personal development such as learning more effectively, money, health and human behaviour. Different group and individual activities are then carried out based on the topic. Different members of the society will then share what they know on the topic. A group discussion on the topic will then be held with any member being free to chime in their thoughts.


At the end of each session one member of the society will speak about any topic that they feel strongly about. Those talks are called "Greatness Talks". The Greatness Talks can vary from just talking normally to performing magic tricks. It really is up to the imagination of the person.

When do you meet?

We meet every Tuesday at 6:30pm. The rooms we are in can vary a but we are usually located in the "D" area of James France. Please keep up to date with the facebook page to get the latest room information.



I want to attend the meetings but I don't want to pay membership.

You are in luck! The weekly meetings are FREE for everybody. You can come to the meeting for free and never have to become a member. We believe that personal growth should be as accessible as possible.


Then why should I even bother signing up?

With membership you will be able to accelerate and enhance your personal growth. As an Ability of Greatness member you get the following benefits:


*Access to the AoG Facebook group.*

*Access to the learning resources each week.*

*Access to AoG coaching.*

*Access to exclusive AoG events.*


As a member you get many perks that will help to enhance your personal growth.


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What is AoG coaching?

AoG coaching is for people that want to take action in their lives but are having a hard time getting started. It could be losing weight, working on a dissertation or even starting a business. An AoG committee member will meet and consult with you on a one to one basis to create a plan of action that works for you. The coach will then hold you accountable to make sure that you are following the plan.


The coaching programme is an incredible opportunity to make a start at something that you always wanted to do. Please keep in mind that the AoG coaching is only available to full members.


How can I contact you if I have more questions

Just send us a private message through our Facebook page.



I am now interested, where can I get more information?

If you are curious then just come along to our weekly meetings and if you are really determined to make a difference in your life right now then sign up below. Be sure to also keep updated with our Facebook page which will contain the latest AoG news.



Theme Timetable

Effective Learning - 8th October 2013

Money Personalities and Goals - 15th October 2013

Employment Stress - 22nd October 2013

Evil Week (Halloween) - 29th October 2013

Business Startups - 5th November 2013

Health Myths - 12th November 2013

Stocks and Shares - 19th November 2013 

Memory, Sleep and Stress - 26th November 2013

Personality Types -  3rd December 2013

Effective Revision -  10th December 2013 (Last Session of Semester 1)

Love (Valentines) - 11th February 2014

No Bollocks Meditation - 4th March 2014



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