Victory Bar Terms and Conditions

1. Any damage or losses to equipment on the night of the event will be the responsibility of the event organiser and charges will be levied to cover these losses without exception.

2. All current licensing conditions apply for all bookings

3. We will endeavour to confirm all bookings within 2 working days of receiving the booking request

4. Bookings not giving at least 2 working days notice may not be accepted

5. We will endeavour to pay 10% into accounts within 14 working days

6. All food pre-ordered must be pre-paid at least 24hrs before the event or the food will not be supplied.

7. You must have an official LSU bank account/ charge code for the 10% to be paid into if no accounts exist then monies will not be paid

8. Bar prices are displayed in the Victory Bar and may be altered at any time without notice

9. Standard bar prices will be applicable to all bookings

10. Food or drink not purchased from the Student Union bars or catering outlets may not be brought in or consumed at an event without prior permission

11. Loughborough Students' Union may cancel bookings at any time without prior notice due to conditions beyond our control, we will offer alternative dates where ever possible