Tickets sold out!
Whats on
2nd feb 2019
Where can I collect my Wristband from?
Wristbands are available for purchase from Tuesday 22nd January (2:00pm) UNTIL the day of the event from the following Union outlets:

Union Shop: 8.30am - 10.00pm
Purple Onion: 8.30am - 11:00pm
Can Non-Students attend Returners’ Events?
Non-Students are welcome to attend our events, however they will still be required to collect a wristband (after providing valid photographic ID) from one of the above outlets.
Will my Wristband come off in the shower/bath?
Our wristbands are fully water-proof and will survive any encounters you might have with a shower or a bath!
Can I sell my ticket?
Unfortunately, tickets for our Refreshers’ events are non-transferable and can’t be sold or transferred to another student.
I’ve got a Platinum/Hey Ewe/FND Pass - Do I still need a Wristband?
If you currently have a Platinum Membership, Hey Ewe or FND Pass; you will still need to collect your wristband (it’s included for free in your membership!) and will gain you entry through the normal Platinum entrance at Cognitos.
Why is my Wristband a different colour?
Wristbands are colour-coded to ensure safe entry. Each colour represents the entrance point you will need to use on the night and these are listed on the individual events. We will also have stewards on the night to ensure you know exactly where to go.