With Parliament voting on raising the cap on tuition fee’s Loughborough could charge between £6,000 and £9,000 per year for tuition fee's. Now more than ever students need to stand up and have their say.


It is important that the student voice is heard in response to these proposed national changes to Higher Education but more importantly it is imperative that Loughborough Students have their say in what they want for Loughborough University.


We have to be realistic about the situation and, whatever Loughborough decide to charge, we are more then prepared to have our say about the changes we wish to see, so that any rise genuinely benefits the students learning experience.


With the fee's between £6,000 and £9,000 let's look at three scenarios that could happen;


If the University were to charge £6,000 Tuition Fee's >>>

  • The University would be running at a loss, serious cuts or changes would have to be made to balance the books

  • This would mean recruiting around 2,000 new students but using existing resources

  • Lecture hours increasing to finish later maybe 7pm

  • More people using the same facilities e.g. labs, library, sports etc.

  • More use of "Distance Learning" type teaching

  • Loughborough would be seen as the "value" end of the market, over time lecturers would leave due to low wages and quality would fall. This would ultimately be the end of "The Best Student Experience"!

  • However £6,000 is much more affordable than £9,000 so are these issues worth it?

If the University were to charge £7,500 Tuition Fee's >>>

  • This is roughly the same price per head that we currently have, so the Institution would not suffer from the cuts

  • With the increase in fee's students would demand better teaching quality

  • The University would need to put more into Teaching over research

  • By charging more than £6,000 The University would have to comply with government targets for recruiting students from disadvantaged backgrounds

  • The teaching quality and Student Experience would be maintained and maybe marginally improved

  • There would be scope to recruit more students which in turn would allow more facilities and staff

  • By not charging the top rate Loughborough would not be seen as one of the top Universities, this could taint the Loughborough reputation and create a downward spiral ultimately ending "The Best Student Experience"

  • £7,500 is a lot more than £3,290 but we would be in the same situation we have now

If the University were to charge £9,000 Tuition Fee's >>>

  • The University would be receiving more money than it currently does

  • Teaching and Learning would be improved as there would be more money for staff, teaching resources, feedback and better balance with research

  • Books, materials, equipment, field trips, printing etc. could be included as part of your Tuition Fee

  • Sport facilities would be improved and usage for students could be free. There would be more facilities and MUGA's around campus

  • We would hope that the cost of joining clubs/societies/media would be dramatically reduced and facilities improved as more funding would come from the University

  • Entry to Union Event nights should be much cheaper or maybe even free if our block grant rises

  • Prices around campus for Union Shops on food and drink would be reduced

  • Hall Subs may be free, Students could get discount on Imago

  • However £9,000 fees would mean Students would leave University with £40,000 to £50,000 debts



If tuition fees were to rise:


Whether you would like to see small or large changes make sure you have your say. Please click on your department and leave a comment about something you would change if the fees were brought in. This way, we as a Union can really push the student message. Then, when the university announce what they are going to charge, we have a compiled list of changes students want to see.



So, if you were the Head of your Department, what would you change?


And what about the changes to International Students, click here?

Have your say on your department issues, click on your department below and leave your comments for your course representitives.


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