Volunteer with Peer Support


Peer Mentor Student Coordinator

Each School/Department has a Peer Mentor Student Coordinator. This position provides you with the opportunity to lead your department's team of Mentors. You will be there to answer enquiries, promote the scheme and report back to the Academic Staff in your department as well as the Peer Support Coordinator.  We recruit for this position in February. The opportunity profile offers more information on the role.

To apply for this position please click on the link here.

Peer Mentor

If you are interested in helping others transition to University, offering ongoing support, sharing the experiences and knowledge that you have gained in your time at University and helping refer people to the different service campus then this is the Voluntary role for you! We recruit for our Peer Mentors in every School/Department in Semester 2.The application process will be available on this page from March onwards.  

We offer an initial interactive training session and then provide continuous support with advanced training and drop in sessions to allow you to get the most from your role. The opportunity profile contains further details about what we ask of you in the role and what you can expect from us in return.


Peer Mentor Training - May 2016



PALF Semester 2

PALFs, or Peer-Assisted Learning Facilitators, find that their role helps with their own understanding of their course, as well as improves their confidence, presentation skills and, working with the Peer Support Team, furthers their personal development while looking great on their CV.

We're currently recruiting for Semester 2 PALF’s in Geography, Chemistry, Physics and Sport Science for the modules Earth System Science, Fundamental Chemistry, Fields and Forces and Biomechanics of Sport. If you have taken any of these module previously, you're eligable to apply to become a trained Facilitator. You do not need to be an expert in the module, just passionate about helping other people.

We are also exploring the possibility of extending this scheme to other departments too.

If you would like to have some more information read the full opportunity profile, or if you you would like to apply to become a PALF click here.



PhD Support and Social Network

If you are interested in Volunteering for the PhD support and Social Network please find out how to do so on their webpage here.


Other Opportunities

If you have a suggestion about how you would like to help or improve the Peer Support Project we are always interested to hearing from you. If you are interested in expanding the Mentoring Scheme to a group of students you feel would benefit, if you want a PAL session attached to a module, if you run a study group or have any other ideas at all please contact us: peersupport@lsu.co.uk