Resources for our Current Volunteers

All Peer Support Volunteers


Leaders in Education – Advanced Programme (LEAP)

LEAP is our our brand new advanced training programme! LEAP lasts one semester and you can take part in either Semester 1 or 2.

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Drop in time

If you have an urgent problem please feel free to drop into Student Voice to see Hannah McManmon, The Peer Support Coordinator during 10am - 4pm Monday to Friday.  Details of where to find Peer Support can be found here.  If it is out of office hours and you have an urgent problem relating to a student you support please contact security. 

If your inquiry is not urgent please feel free to email or come in on Thursdays between 2pm-4pm for the Peer Support drop in hours. 


Employability Award

All Peer Support Volunteers can use the experience and knowledge they gain through working with our project towards gaining an Employability Award.

The Employability Award provides you with a framework through which you can record your co-curricular activities and reflect on the employability skills you have developed.  For more information please follow the link: 


Peer Mentors

Online Training

The online training can be found here.

Chat to other Mentors

Each department has a Facebook Page dedicated solely to Mentors.  Please email your student Coordinator if you want to join your departmental Mentor Facebook page.




You will be able to find an online version of your PALF Handbook with all the details of the Training and more ideas for helping you to facilitate your session on the u-learn page.  

Coming soon there will be a space to find useful handouts and resources made by other PALF’s and a place to add your own so the PALF’s next year can reuse all your great material!  Check back after the end of November for the link. 

Chat with other PALFS

The 2017 PALF Facebook page is here.


Study Groups

There are already lots of useful links and resources available on the Peer Led Study Group page.


Your Education Points

Your Education points are awarded to any of our Student Voice education volunteers for going above and beyond in their role. Points will be automatically allocated for attending training or any activity organised by Student Voice.

For more information please click here!


Peer Support Student Sub-Committee

The Peer Support Student Sub-committee is formed of current volunteers who meet at least once a month, to discuss the Peer Support Scheme as a whole.

Together the committee aims to discuss and implement ways the Peer Support Scheme can progress. The committee also discusses any issues volunteers may have and aims to resolve these.

The Committee leads various projects to help the Peer Support Scheme progress. For example, the current committee is working on producing a video to help promote the scheme. The Committee agree upon the tasks and each volunteer gets an opportunity to chair a project.

As a member of the Peer Support Sub-Committee, volunteers also get the opportunity to represent students at the Management Group meetings for Peer Support.

If you would like to get in contact with the Committee, or get involved, please contact Shahina on or pop into the Student Voice office.