Peer Mentor Application Form


Peer Mentor Application Form






A Peer Mentor is someone who helps their fellow students in lower years. It is a way to both get to know students on your course, and to enhance your CV at the same time. They offer support with a variety of issues faced by lower year students, ranging from queries about their degree or certain modules, to questions like what the local taxi number is, or where they can find the supermarket. They are not responsible for counselling first year students, or assisting with specific projects. 

If you would like to represent your Department as a Peer Mentor, this is the first step. Fill in the following application form to be considered for the position. 

For further information, please see the Opportunity Profile. This can be found here. 


1. What is your Surname?*    

2. What is your First Name?*    

3. What is your student email address? 

4. What is your B Number?*    

5. What is your School/Department? 

6. What level of study are you currently

7. What course do you study?*    

8. Were you a Peer Mentor at Loughborough University last year? 

9. Please tick all that apply:

I would be interested in being a Mentor for my Department 

I would be interested in being a Mentor for Foundation Studies Students

I would be interested in being a Mentor for Erasmus+ and International Exchange Students


10. Why do you want to become a Peer Mentor?

11. What relevant traits and skills do you possess which you believe would make you a good Peer Mentor?

12. What will you do in your role as a Peer Mentor to help promote the scheme in your Department?

13. What one thing would you have liked to know when you started University?