Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)


What is PAL?

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) offers optional weekly sessions to pupils studying a particular module.  Facilitated by student volunteers, (PALF’s) Peer Assisted Learning aims to create opportunity for further exploration and understanding within the field of study.  PAL sessions are in addition to the teaching provision that is already offered by the university and aims to offer and an informal and low pressure environment for students of all abilities to ask questions, improve their grades, develop study skills and get to know the people on their course.  


What are the Benefits of PAL?

PAL has shown to help students of all abilities.  Student’s who regularly attend PAL achieve more firsts than those that don’t, have overall higher grade averages than those that don’t, and have a much lower failure rate.  Not only is PAL great for academic gains but there is evidence to suggest PAL has a positive impact on the amount of students who stay at University and complete their degree – Not surprising as PAL is a great means of support and making friends.  Finally PAL saves students time.  Research suggests you can learn as much studying in a group for one hour as three hours of self-study! 



Does my Department have PAL?

PAL is attached to the following schools/departments in Semester 2 of the 2016/17 Academic year:



PAL Times



Introduction to Modern and Contemporary Art and Design

Tuesday 5-6

thursday 5-6




Business Modelling

Monday 5-6

Tuesday 12-1




Vector Spaces




Research Design

Tuesday 3-4





Crafting A Dissertation

Monday 4-5

Tuesday 1-2



If your department does not have PAL but you would like one please contact us and let us know which module you would like to see in PAL in and why you think it would be particularly beneficial.  We will do our best to investigate.  In the meantime why not consider setting up your own Peer Led Study group.


Find more answers about PAL here.


Meet a PALF

Click on the photos below to get to know a few of the Loughborough University Peer Assisted Learning Facilitators.  Find out their thoughts on their course, what it’s like to live Loughborough, and their top tip for other students.