Peer Support Newsletters


On this page you can find the back catalouge of Peer Support's newsletters. Each newsletter is listed with a synopsis of its contents to help you find what you're looking for.


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June's newsletter showcases all the amazing award cermonies over the last few weeks. Our wonderful volunteers who attended and also won the PALF team of the year! we also discuss Peer support plans over the summer and an exciting question for our trivia quiz! 


May's newsletter will showcase two amazing award ceremonies. All you need to know about the mentor and Pal training, mentor of the year and a little sectiopn from Student services!


The combined March/April Newsletter will showcase all information you need to know about Your Education Week! The LAA'S nominations and some tips to keep you going in exam and coursework season! Don't forget to have a go at the monthly Trivia


February's Newsletter will be great for those animal lovers as we discuss puppy petting in keep calm week. Heart 2 Heart, careers department and volunteer of the month is also explored! don't forget to have a go at the monthly trivia!

January 2018

January's Newsletter covers Volunteer survey, the digital fluency project, our peer support volunteers of the month, Keep calm week activities that you may be interested to know and a section on the faith and spirituality department at Lbro!

November 2017

Novembers Newsletter highlights: Peer assisted Learning facilitators visit Cork, we have a new international and postgraduate Specialist Consultant and most importantly , Have you met Lynda yet? You dont want to miss this edition! get reading.

October 2017
Peer Support is back for the new academic year.  We have had 37 Mentor Meet Ups, 17 weekly PAL sessions, a student sub committee meeting and some new staff too!  Read about our busy, amazing start to the year!

July 2017
Find out about the changes to Peer Support points, learn about the new Exec Team, read an article from our Psychology Peer Mentor Coordinator reflecting on her time at Loughborough so far, and discover how Enterprise support Loughborough students; It's all in our July issue!


June 2017
Our Newsletter for June is jam-packed full of updates and pictures detailing our Education Volunteers Awards Evening, The success of the PhD Social and Support Network at the recent Postgraduate Awards and a trip to the European Forum for Academic Peer Learning in Lund! 


May 2017

Twenty four hours of Peer Mentor training, eighteen hours of PAL training and one massive awards evening. That's what May's newsletter covers. If you want to find out more about our training, or find out which of Peer Support's volunteers won awards, then May's newsletter is the on for you!

April 2017

April is a queit time on campus, with students taking a well deserved break.What's more restful than reading about what Peer Supports been up to?


March 2017

March's newsletter recaps on the first ever Rep vs. Mentor week. It also lets you know about how PAL has been going in semester 2, as well as having a message from Anna Holt, the Education Officer-elect.


February 2017

This month's newsletter kicks of the start of semester 2, covering the work Peer Support is gearing up to do. It also introduces a new regular article written aby one of our new PAL Student Coordinators.


January 2017

Welcoming back Peer Support's volunteers for a new calender year, this newsletter details the Peer Support Team's visit to the University of Leicester and also introduces a new batch of PAL Facilitators. It also presents an interview with LSU's Welfare and Diversity Office, Nuz Fatima, who talks about a number of their upcooming campains and how our volunteers can get involved.


December 2016

The final newsletter of 2016, this edition details the Vice-Chancellor's attendance at one of our Peer Assisted Learning sessions, as well as the annual volunteer Christmas social. Additionally, it promotes the university's Academic Representatives and has a segment written by Geography's Academic Champion.


November 2016

Shifting the focus the Peer Assisted Learning, this newsletter describes Loughborough's participation in the annual PASS/PAL conference. However, it also offers an article written by one of our Peer Mentoring Student Coordinators about an event they organised, as well as information about the Academic Librarians and a piece written by the Chair of the Peer Support Project Comittee.

October 2016

The very first newsletter published by Loughborough's Peer Support scheme. This newsletter documents the implementation of Peer Mentoring for all first year students at the University. It also documents Peer Support's stall at the Activities Bazaar, provides information about Student Voice and introduces Peer Support's first intern.

The Peer Support Newsletter is written by the Peer Support Intern with contributions from staff and students involved in the Peer Support scheme as well as other support services at Loughborough University. If you want to write for the Peer Support newsletter, or have any questions, email