Using Feedback

How to make the most of it


We all have an opinion on it, we all know what we think it is and what we really want.

But how do we make the most of the feedback we receive?

This webpage aims to help you do exactly that, to get the most out of all the different types of feedback you get and help you achieve the best degree you can.

In preparation for this resource the Students' Union carried out research into what you think about feedback.

We had over 800 responses and got some really useful and eye opening information. We found that an astonishing 45% of you have never been to speak to a lecturer for more feedback.

This resource aims to explain to you the benefits of gaining extra feedback, to explain what constitutes feedback and to provide you with some tools for making the most of it.

It is evident that everyone’s experience of feedback varies, some of you believe the feedback you receive is brilliant, others think it is too generalised and not of much use.