Disciplinary and Car Parking Offences


This page provides advice on the University disciplinary procedure including car parking offences. Please note that due to being a part of the Students' Union, unfortunately we cannot provide advice on LSU disciplinary procedures.

If you have received a disciplinary allegation from the university, please read the information below and contact us as soon as possible (please ensure that you attach any allegation documents/evidence).


Disciplinary Offences

A disciplinary offence is any behaviour which causes interference with the functioning or activities of the University, or those who work and study in the institution.

There are two types of offence: Section 2 and Section 3, they are outlined below.

Section 2 Disciplinary

Example – Usually causing inconvenience to others, limited damage to property or can be a car parking or traffic offence.

Procedure – The charges will usually be considered by the University Officer that the disciplinary offence relates to. There is usually an investigation meeting first before a formal meeting takes place.

Response – Student may admit or deny the allegation in the initial investigation, if they deny then the case shall proceed to a full hearing. If a student admits to an offence during the initial investigation, the authorised officer is able to decide on an appropriate penalty.


Section 3 Disciplinary

Example – A serious act including: violence, damage or a criminal offence.  Multiple Section 2 offences of a similar kind may also constitute a Section 3 offence.

Procedure – Chief Operating Officer will conduct an investigation into the allegation and then will invite the student to admit or deny.

Response – Student shall admit or deny the offence within 5 working days of being notified.  If the student denies the allegation then the student shall receive at least 15 working days' written notification of a Student Disciplinary Panel where they can make their defence.


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Car Parking Offences

Unless you have committed multiple or serious offences, most car parking offences are dealt with under separate regulations relating to traffic and parking at the university.

Traffic and Car Parking offences are dealt with by the security manager.  At first the penalty is often a ban from using your vehicle on campus.  However failure to accept the penalty or regular offences could cause the offence to become a disciplinary.  If this is the case then a formal reprimand or a fine could be given.

Examples of Traffic and Car Parking offences include: driving over the 15mph campus speed limit, parking in a car park that you have not bee assigned, or parking on campus without a permit.

All drivers on campus are subject to Ordinance XXIII and to the Code of Conduct on Traffic and Parking in the University.


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