Appeals Against Results

Last year we helped over 80 students in appealing their results so we have a wealth of experience and can help make a difference to your outcome.

If you have received your results and are thinking of appealing them, here’s what you should know.

To have a chance of a successful appeal against results your appeal needs to be based on one of the following three grounds:

  • That there were procedural irregularities in the conduct of your assessment.
  • That there is evidence of prejudice or bias against you.
  • That there were serious personal circumstances affecting you that the Programme or Review Board were not aware of before they made their decision.


You must also have a ‘good reason’ for not making the University aware of these circumstances previously. You cannot appeal on grounds which may be considered as challenging the academic judgment of assessors/examiners.

Please note: you only have 10 working days from the publication of your results so make sure you contact us straight away.

We can advise you on completing the appeal forms and what sort of evidence would help your case.  As well as reading through draft forms, answering any questions and supporting you through the whole process.

Click here for the full information from the University on appealing results.

If you study at the Loughborough Campus and would like advice on appealing, please get in touch with us.

If you study at the London Campus - Please visit the following web page for advice