International Committee

Applications for International Committee 

Vice Chair: Provide a vital and constant support for the whole of the committee, the Welfare Committee and the Chair, and has an active role in organising events and campaigns.   

Media & Communications Officer x2:
 Promote, communicate and advertise all Global events, campaigns and activities. Create videos for Global. Deliver effective and timely communications about the networking events. Promote knowledge and understanding of the network.   

Events Officer x2:
Plan and organise campus-wide events for both Home and International Students, included regular events such as International Day or Erasmus Socials.

Campaigns & Collaborations Officer:  
Conduct events in collaboration with different sections of the Students’ Union, such as Welfare & Diversity, Action, Employability, Education or Rag. Organise regular socials and team events. Communicate our events and campaigns to the wider community and to University Staff forming partnerships with other external groups/charities/businesses. Collaborate with the rest of the committee to organise and instigate the range of campaigns the committee plans to run throughout the year, targeted at International Students.

Erasmus Officer:
Make sure Erasmus students feel welcome when they arrive in first and second semester by keeping them updated and answering their questions through a group chat. Create events for Erasmus students.

Regions Ambassadors:
Represent your region and countries by providing key information (advertising our events, answer their questions), create events for your region (but all events must be accessible to everyone), be the point of relation between your region and me/the union.

The following Ambassadors roles are available:

African Ambassador
East & Southeast Asian Ambassador
South Asian Ambassador
Middle East Ambassador
European Ambassador
America & Australia Ambassador


An international committee member is a representative of the International DO; encouraging engagement, helping the International DO with their strategic plan, and working collaboratively with other committee members throughout the year. It is a volunteer position that requires only a few hours per week, however this may be more when international events are being hosted. We


As International DO, I am passionate about developing two key areas of the student experience for our international students.

1 - Promoting the emotional and practical support for our international students - it is vital international students find their home away from home whilst at Loughborough.

2 - Increasing the participation of our international students across all Union sections, e.g. Action, Employability and RAG, as well as cross-collaborations with other sub-sections under the Welfare & Diversity umbrella.


If you feel like you want to develop these key areas of the student experience, and feel that you could bring great enthusiasm to the role, please apply here!!


Please send completed applications to Salomé at and Ana-Maria Bilciu at by the 20th of May by midnight.