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Welcome to Rutherford, a small but lively hall in the middle of the student village in Loughborough University!

Hall Subs

If you live in Rutherford, your contract says you must pay a Hall Subscription Fee. This goes towards many things, it funds your Freshers week, as well as your participation and equipment for Intra-Mural Sport (IMS). It also pays for your travel and facilities for RAG and ACTION projects throughout the year, on top of the amazing amount of socials we put on through the year (including balls and nights out)

Freshers Subs £100 - 1st year students living in Rutherford in 2017-18 need to pay the Freshers Subs. These cover all of the things we run for you through the year as well as your Freshers Week Ticket, with which we'll give you the best two weeks of your life as we welcome you to your new home!

Returners Subs £50 - 2nd, 3rd and 4th years living in Rutherford must pay the Returners Subs, which cover everything except Freshers Week.

Affiliation £10 - If you are living outside of Rutherford but want to come and enjoy all the things we do, you must pay the affiliation fee. This enables you to come to all of our socials, play IMS and get involved in everything else!

Returners Freshers Week Ticket - If you aren't a first year but want to come to our Freshers Week anyway, you need to buy the Returners Freshers Week Ticket. You will get £10 back off the price of this if you affiliate for the whole year as well!



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