Hall Students Federation

Here at Loughborough, your hall will form the basis of your student experience. They will offer you everything from opportunities to raise money for charity and volunteer in the community, to competing in Intramural Sport and attending socials and balls. All of these aspects of hall life are massively rewarding and competitive and each section goes towards the prestigious “Hall of The Year” title, with Harry French being the current champions.

Each hall is run by a committee, with a Hall Chair at the helm overseeing the work of the other committee members. To ensure that your hall committee is working to the best of its ability, and to make sure every hall student is represented at the highest level, the Hall Students Federation was formed to provide a link to the Union Executive and the university. We meet on a fortnightly basis and discuss issues that relate to halls, how they are run and what events and opportunities we can provide to consistently guarantee every student has the time of their life here at Loughborough.

Who sits on HSF?


The HSF Committee

Sam Hanys


Izzie Miller


Olly Norman



Sabbatical Members

Rahul Mathusing

LSU President

Oliver Norman

VP: Affairs & Development

Rory Pears

 VP: Finance & Development

Section Representatives

Brad Reeder


Tom Calcuth


Ioan Tolosano


Chris Leroux


Fraser Barclay



Farhannah Badruzaman


Naomi Howlett


Sophie McKenna-Smith


Ryan McIntyre


Jade Taylor

Welfare & Diversity





Hall Chairs

Amie Woodyatt

Butler Court

Charlotte Style


Zaid El Bakkoure

David Collett

Rory Ellis

Elvyn Richards

Luke Wheeler


Lilly Pettifar


Conrad Noble

Harry French

Joey Marks


Hazel Shanley

The Holt

Hannah Smith

John Phillips

Lukasz Torzewski

Robert Bakewell

Filip Simic


Matt Dingle


Conor McKiernan


Abi York


Tom Calcluth

William Morris



Any enquiries, suggestions or complaints about university life from each hall can also be brought to HSF, and we will work hard to make sure the appropriate steps are taken. If you have any queries at all, pass them on to a member of your committee and they will get to us at HSF. This can be anything from thoughts about a specific section of the Union, to concerns about the living arrangements in your Hall. We will do what we can to address the situation and feed-back the information via the appropriate people. Alternatively, you can contact any of us directly via the email addresses below.

Once again, congratulations on gaining a place at Loughborough University. We can honestly say that it will be the best three years of your life and our advice is to throw yourself into much as possible. The more you put in the more you’ll get out!


The HSF Committee  

Izzie Miller – HSF President

Sam Hanys – HSF Vice-President

Olly Norman – HSF Secretary

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