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Harry French Hall 2017-2018


Only 200 metres from campus, the second closest Hall to the Students' Union and the closest to town, Harry French has everything you're looking for as a great value for money, self-catered accomodation option for 2017/18. Widely regarded as having one of the best social scenes in Loughborough, Harry French; or HF, caters for all needs, with a vast Intra-Mural Sport (IMS) programme, volunteering opportunities in the local community with Action, along with the biggest and best Freshers' fortnight at the start of your stay with us in September. 

In 2015/16 and 2016/17 Harry French won the coveted Hall of the Year award only proving that we are the best hall in Loughborough, be it on campus or off. Choosing us would be followed by a manic, exciting, and rewarding year with absolutely zero regrets over your choice of accomodation at the end of it. Trust us, we know. 

The Hall subscription fee (see below) paid by all Freshers and Returners at the start of the year is entirely re-invested back into your experience living in HF, with punch parties and free alcohol provided at countless socials throughout the year, as well as the considerable subsidisation of our biggest events of the year, including the Harry French Winter & Summer Balls as well as the notorious HF Day. This is organised by the Harry French Committee (18 elected student representatives) who will all be living in Halls for 2017/18 and will certainly go the extra mile to make sure you are having the time of your life. 

Each Hall offers different benefits to its residents, and your decision will likely base itself around location, catering and cost. As a self-catered hall with fully equipped communal kitchens, the flexibility is fully with you with regard to meals and cooking in Harry French (with Sainsburys a 6 minute walk away). The location of Harry French offers you the best of both worlds. You will be living a 3 minute walk from campus, a 10 minute walk to the large majority of educational buildings for your lectures, as well as a 5 minute walk into town. And lastly, cost. In a nutshell, Harry French offers outrageously good value for money. The majority of our 389 rooms are between the price of £3900-£4100 a year, and with well-sized rooms, and flats equipped with 2 showers and 2 toilets between 6 (in HF courts). Trust us when we say, you'll be delighted you didn't spend the extra £1500 on an en-suite. 

Hopefully this answers any questions you have but if not be sure to check out our website harryfrench.co.uk or drop our hall chair Olly Norman a message on facebook who will happily answer anything and everything! 


To find out even more about the best hall in Loughborough visit: http://harryfrench.co.uk/

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Hall Subscription Fees (Hall Subs)


If you live in any Halls in Loughborough, you have to pay a Hall Subscription Fee. This goes towards many things, it funds your Freshers week, as well as your participation and equipment for Intra-Mural Sport (IMS). It also pays for your travel and facilities for RAG and ACTION projects throughout the year, on top of the amazing amount of socials we put on through the year (including at least 2 Black Tie events)

Postgraduates living in Harry French do not need to pay a Hall Subscription Fee.

Hall Subs are priced differently depending on what type of student you are:

Freshers Subs - £100. Pay this fee if you are a first year undergraduate living in Harry French. This fee covers your Freshers Week Experience and all the other events throughout the year. These should be paid BEFORE move in day. Doing this prior to arrival reduces the waiting time for you to move into your rooms. This fee is also for all Waterways Fresher Affiliates.


Returners Subs - £35. This fee is to be paid by Returning undergraduates living in Harry French and covers all the socials (with the exception of Freshers Week) and IMS, Rag and Action events through the year, as well as Returners only socials and Finalists' Week.


Affiliation - £10. This fee is for returners who live outside of Harry French who want to enjoy all the events and socials of a Hall member. You are not allowed to represent Harry French in any IMS/RAG/ACTION events without being affiliated and you are also not allowed to attend any Hall socials unless you've paid this fee.


Semester One/Two Students - £50. This is for members who live in Harry French for only one of the semesters and allows them to participate in all events.


Hall Subs can be paid below.





Hall Subs:


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