Falk Egg


Falk Egg - the only hall you should even consider joining.


Voted the Best Hall of Residence in the UK in 2017 (Times Higher Education) whilst rated highest for social experience and value for money; what more could you want? It's often said that Falk Egg isn't just a place to live... it's a way of life. Joining the Falk Egg family will be the best choice you ever make. We're known for being the cheapest hall in Loughborough, but don't let that put you off; the recent refurbishment is what makes Falk Egg the best value for money hall in the country.

On this page you can find information on all that Falk Egg can provide you, including social, charity and sporting activities, Hall Subs and Freshers Packs. Joining our Facebook group is a must if you want to ask the committee questions, find your flat mates, and stay up to date with all our latest news, events and the build up to Freshers of course! 



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Harry Norton (Hall Chair '17)

Falk Egg will be the cornerstone of the amazing experience you will have here at Loughborough. Every day, without fail, when you walk down Falkner Eggington Boulevard ("The Bouley"), you'll stop and talk to someone you know. The rowdiest hall on campus; everyone claims they dont like us. Really people just wish they were us. Here at Falk Egg you won't just make friends, you'll find a new family and a new home.


George Etherington (Hall Chair '16, Union President '17)

Falk Egg - renowned for the best social experience in the whole of Loughborough. Every year hundreds descend upon the hallowed Falk Egg Boulevard for the best year of their lives, and no matter what background they come from, Falk Egg never fails to deliver. Many come sceptical, but with the huge range of opportunities and events on offer from the hall, there is always something for everyone. Whether it be getting involved in sport, relaxing with your mates in the large communal areas, or even just for having a bit of a party, Falk Egg delivers everytime.

It's true that every hall is jealous of what we have going on here.

See you in September, if you're lucky enough.


Leo Hothersall (Hall Chair '15)

Falk Egg is one of the most unique and exciting places you will ever come across. We may have the party hard reputation of Loughborough but you will struggle to meet a more accepting and kindhearted group of people! The diversity and creativeness of Falk Egg gives us the platform to put on some cracking events and anyone lucky enough to live here could just have the time of their life.

It is often said Falk Egg isn't just a hall... It's a way of life. Embrace it!


Adam Sellers (Hall Chair '14)

Falk Egg - The only hall on campus you should consider joining.

We have it all, our identity, the sport, the atmosphere and most importantly the fun. 

Every other hall wants to be us.

You don't choose Falk Egg. Falk Egg chooses you. 


Hall Subs (£45) - Hall Subs are a contractual payment required by everyone (freshers and returners) who's living in halls for an entire year and wants to be part of the amazing and inclusive Falk Egg community - the one that makes us the 'Times Higher Education Best Hall in the Country' (not sure we mentioned that yet)! Hall Subs are used to deliver the Falk Egg experience by providing hall activities throughout the year: punch parties, sport pitch hire, international food days, Welfare Week, the infamous Falk Egg Old Boys alumni weekend, subsidies for our Summer and Winter Balls and many more thrilling events. They also pay for hall improvements; improvements happening in Term 1 include the upgrading of all equipment in the games room, the installation of a 4K Full HD TV and an improved sound system for the common room, and an investment of £500 of sports equipment across all of Falk Egg's sports teams!

Freshers Pack (£40) - Freshers is an experience like no other and makes for a huge part of your time at uni. Purchasing a Freshers Pack is COMPULSORY if you want to take part in any Falk Egg Freshers activities. Your Freshers Pack will include your T-shirt, wristband and multiple other treats and props to make your fortnight the best possible! Falk Egg have the party-hard reputation and are renowned for providing the longest and most spectacular freshers experience in Loughborough, and perhaps even the country. Your wristband gets you entry to every single night of Falk Egg's Freshers, access to a series of day time events, plenty of food and also includes a lot of booze! 

You must purchase Hall Subs before purchasing a Freshers Pack!

ERASMUS Student Hall Subs (£22.50) - If you are only in Falk Egg for one semester, you are still required to pay Hall Subs to be involved. You can pay these below for the semester required. If you are staying in Falk Egg for the full year, you MUST buy the regular Hall Subs.

Affiliates Fee (£10.50) - This is for those living outside of the hall. You could be an ex-Falk Egger, or any student living elsewhere in Loughborough who wishes to be involved in our hall activities throughout the year. Examples of these are stated above.


All Hall Subs and Freshers Packs must be purchased before move in day.

This will mean less queues and a quicker move in, which will allow your Mum to hug you bye in front of your new flatmates for longer, classic Mum.

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